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Website Support

Website Support

IF Your Website Is Down:

Before Contacting Website Support The Most Common Causes Are:
IF Your Website Was UP Earlier (And You Didn't Touch It Since) It Is Probably "Server Maintenance" And It Should Be Up And Running Very Shortly.

If You See A Page That Says "This Account Has Been Suspended" It Has Been Suspended For One Of Three (3) Reasons:

  • 1) You Didn't Pay Your Bill.
    Solution: Pay Your Bill And We Will Restore Service To Your Account As Soon As We Receive Payment. (During Business Hours)
  • 2) You Were Running A "Script" Or Other Program That Caused Our System To Suspend Your Account.
    Solution: Contact Us And We Will Fix It For You. (Our Fee For This Is $75).
  • 3) You Were Abusing Our System By Sending SPAM Or Other Nasty Things, Or In Other Nasty Ways.
    Solution: Go Someplace Else. Too Bad, So Sad We Will Add YOU And Your Domain To Our "Declined Clients List", And Take Further Action Against You. (No Refunds - Don't Even Ask See Our TOS)

Search Engine Optimization:

Here Are A Few Useful Tools To Help You Optimize Your Website:
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Why Does My NEW Computer Need To Be Worked On?: It Probably Contains "Trial Software" That Slowes It Down.
Trial Software:Is Little More Than Clutter. It Loads Automatically When You Turn Your Computer On, Slowing Your Brand New Computer Down.
It Is "Cached" It Is Sitting There Waiting For You To Use It And Tying Up System Resources Until It Is Used. (Like Letting Your Car Idle All Day).






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