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Trojan Horse (Explained)

Trojan In Much The Same Way As The Mythological Trojan Horse Was Used As A Deceptive Means To Sneak A Small Army Inside The Gates Of Troy, In Computer Terms, A Trojan Horse Is Software That Appears To Be Legitimate And Beneficial To The User, But Harbors An Unseen Danger Inside. Once The Trojan Horse Has Been Activated It Can Delete Important System Files And Cause All Kinds Of Havoc. It Can Also Create A Backdoor On The Infected Machine, Turning The Computer Into A Zombie And Adding It As A Node In A Botnet. Trojan Horse's Do Not Replicate Or Infect Files, Executable Or Otherwise.

Most Anti-Virus And Anti-Spyware Programs Will Only Attempt To Clean Your Computer Once You've Already Been Infected, Possibly Causing Data Loss And Days Of Frustration And Lost Productivity.

New Varieties Of Malware And Other Hazardous Software Are Released Everyday. When A Trojan Invades Your Computer, ZT7 Can Help. ZT7 Can Remove The Unwanted Code Using The Latest Malware Removal Software. ZT7 Is Ready To Meet Your Needs. Our Trained Technicians Are As Close As A Phone Call.

When Your Computer System Has Been Infected By A Trojan You Want To Remove The Threat As Fast As Possible. ZT7 Provides Fast. Efficient, And Affordable Service Throughout The Port St. Lucie Area At Reasonable Cost.

ZT7 Can Remove All Types Of Trojans And Malware From Your Computer. Our Trained Technicians Are Experienced In Scanning For Even The Most Recently Developed Trojans And Malware If You Suspect A Problem, Contact Us. ZT7 Is Dedicated To Eliminating The Problems These Things Can Cause On Your Computer.

After Removing Any Trojans We Immunize Your Computer Against Many Types Of Malware And Virus By Installing The Best Anti- Virus Software Available To Reduce The Chances That You Will Be Infected Again.

ZT7 Technicians Provide Fast, Efficient Service To All Port St. Lucie Area Clients.
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