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Recycling When It's Time To Dispose Of Your Old Computer, Regardless What Brand Your Computer It Is, Or How Old It Is: Bring It To Us And We Will Properly And Safely Recycle Your Computer. It's Part Of Our Computer Recycling Program. Recycling Is A Zero Landfill Solution For Disposing Of Unwanted Computers, Laptop Or Desktop. Computers Recycled With ZT7 Are Disposed Of In A Safe Manner That Prevent Them From Becoming Waste Or An Environmental Hazard.

Operational Units
Operational Units Are Sanitized (Hard Drives Are "Not Just Re-Formatted" They Are WIPED; Beyond Current US Department Of Defense Standards For Data Destruction) To Insure Not Only Your Privacy, But Also To Insure That No Malware Or Undesirable Remnants Of Viruses Are Present. The Unit Is Thoroughly Cleaned, And Reinitialized With A Fresh Operating System And Loaded With Software. The Operating System Used Is Linux Which Is Not Only Free, But Includes A Host Of Free Software Eliminating All Software Expenses. It Is Then Given To The Underprivileged, Needy, Or One Of The Charities We Try To Assist. Somebody Is Always Looking For A Working Computer.

Non-Operational Units
When Improperly Disposed Of Computers Are A Major Source Of Toxins And Carcinogens. When Properly Disposed Of Computer Components Are A Valuable Source For Secondary Raw Materials. Simply Give Us Your Unwanted Computer, Laptop Or Desktop And We'll Take Care Of The Rest. The Laptop Gets Stripped For Parts Down To The Component Level. The Parts Are Separated. Plastics Go To Our Plastics Recycler, Metal Goes To Our Metals Recycler. Motherboards And Circuit Boards Go To A Plant Where They Are Separated For Their Precious Metals.
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Why Does My NEW Computer Need To Be Worked On?: It Probably Contains "Trial Software" That Slowes It Down.
Trial Software:Is Little More Than Clutter. It Loads Automatically When You Turn Your Computer On, Slowing Your Brand New Computer Down.
It Is "Cached" It Is Sitting There Waiting For You To Use It And Tying Up System Resources Until It Is Used. (Like Letting Your Car Idle All Day).






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