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Price List

Software Services

Most Popular Services In Shop Prices (On-Site Add $100)
Item Description Price
Setup I Install antivirus and security software $70.00
Setup II Install security software, Boost the speed and performance of Your PC by removing trial ware and unwanted programs $100.00
Custom Configuration   $135.00
Tune-up Remove trial ware, cleanup and disk defragmentation, adjust key settings that slow down Your Computer. In Shop (Only) includes removal of dust and dirt buildup. $100.00
Data Transfer or Data Backup $75.00
Install/Setup Program $30.00
Install/Setup Software Suite $50.00
Install OS Install Operating System (Windows/Linux) $100.00
(Bench Charge)
Check hardware and perform system analysis to identify any hardware failures or conflicts. Software analysis to identify any software related issues $75.00
Software Diagnostic & Repair Diagnose cause of crashes, lock-ups, error messages, and remove any viruses and/or spyware. Includes fixing any damage caused by viruses and/or spyware and ensuring your PC is working properly. $350.00
Virus & Spyware Removal   $200.00

Hardware and Data Recovery

Most Popular Services In Shop Prices (On-Site Add $100)
Item Description Price
Hardware Repair   Varies
Install RAM Memory $40.00
Install Hard Drive $50.00
Install Hardware $50.00
Install Card/Drive/Modem - Per Item $50.00
Install Hard Drive & Transfer Data (Clients Drive) $275.00
System Restore If Possible $130.00
Data Recovery Recover Deleted File(s) $250.00
Hard Drive Recovery Recover Files from a Formatted Drive $275.00
Physical hard drive failure Recover Data From a Failed Drive - Intensive $1,700.00
Logical hard drive failure Recover Data From a Partition Failure (2nd partition) Intensive $1,200.00
RAID hard drive failure Intensive - Unit will be sent to an Approved i365 Recovery Service Lab for recovery. Service will include recovery of customer-selected files and returned to the customer on a new drive. $2,000.00 to $10,000(+)
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Why Does My NEW Computer Need To Be Worked On?: It Probably Contains "Trial Software" That Slowes It Down.
Trial Software:Is Little More Than Clutter. It Loads Automatically When You Turn Your Computer On, Slowing Your Brand New Computer Down.
It Is "Cached" It Is Sitting There Waiting For You To Use It And Tying Up System Resources Until It Is Used. (Like Letting Your Car Idle All Day).






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