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Privacy Policy

We Do NOT Gather Or Retain Any Information Regarding Financial Transactions Or Any Other Information Available On Your Computer.

Our Client Information Is Not Available.

When Working On Computers (Their Related Systems And Networks) We Don't Look At Anything That We Don't Have To Look At. Our Job Is To Fix Your Computer, Not Look At The Personal, Financial, Private, Or Privileged Information That It May Contain. If In The Course Of Repairing Your Computer It Becomes Necessary To Create An Archive (Of Any Type) Of Your Data, The Archive Will NOT Be Retained By Us, A CD Or DVD Will Be Destroyed Beyond Any And All Known Recovery Methods. Any Drive Containing The Archive Will Be Wiped Using U.S. Military/D.O.D. Grade Data Destruction Protocols. Data Destruction Will Occur Upon Satisfactory Restoration And System Operation. (If In The Normal Course Of Our Work We Find Kiddie Porn Then We Have A Moral Obligation That Would Supersede Our ”Its None Of Our Business” Policy, But Aside From That...)

Disclosure Of Information Regarding Our Clients, Customers, Suppliers, Or Vendors: Except Under Court Order No Information Will Be Disclosed. We **Will NOT Sell Or Distribute** Any Information Regarding Our Clients, Customers, Suppliers, Or Vendors. Any Information Gathered Is For (Temporary) Internal Use Only.
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Why Does My NEW Computer Need To Be Worked On?: It Probably Contains "Trial Software" That Slowes It Down.
Trial Software:Is Little More Than Clutter. It Loads Automatically When You Turn Your Computer On, Slowing Your Brand New Computer Down.
It Is "Cached" It Is Sitting There Waiting For You To Use It And Tying Up System Resources Until It Is Used. (Like Letting Your Car Idle All Day).






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