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Win 7 (WSOD)

You Have Heard Of The Blue Screen Of Death (BSOD) In Windows. It Has Been Part Of Microsoft's Legacy, Since Windows 95, And Most Famously During The Windows 98 Launch. The Error Appeared As Soon As Drivers Were Being Installed. A Lot Of BSOD Errors Are "Driver" Related Issues.

Today It’s The White Screen Of Death (WSOD) In Windows 7 When All Applications Start To Hang And Appear As White. Fortunately, Microsoft Reduced The Issues With Windows 7 But It Still Persists.

If You’re Working On Something And The Application Crashes. Clicking On It The Second Time Will Ask You If You Want To END NOW Or If You Want To Wait. Try Giving It A Few Moments To Catch Up. (Windows Is A Memory Hog And Can Easily Use Up 2 Or 3GB Of RAM) By Clicking On The White Screen Prevents It From Getting Back On Track.

As Much As It Is A Pain To Deal With, It Happens. It’s Not A Big Deal (Normally), If It Happens Too Often You Should Have It Checked Out. It Can Be The Sign Of A Failing Device, Or A Sign That The Computer System Might Actually Require Tweaking In Order To Increase Its Performance.

Treat Your Computer The Same Way You Treat Your Car, A Little Maintenance Goes A Long Way.


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